Tuesday, October 27, 2009

whaaat a beautiful mess i'm in

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"went to where the people were on a saturday night,
seems like it always seems, where i go i want to leave.
i thought we were doing fine with our lives,
but there are people who will tell you there is always something better.

if you don't know or care you'll be alright.
i heard it's modern to be stupid, you don't need to talk to look good.
i surprised myself as my mouth started speaking,
there is nothing left of my nerves as i lean over to ask her
'pardon the intrusion, could we leave before it gets bad?
i might smash up all these windows and set fire to the curtains
until it goes on and eats it with its blue and red orange'
until the fire burns and eats it with its blue and red orange."
"halloween"- matt pond pa

happy halloween!

i'm gettin' outta here no matter what haha not my scene anymore.
cabin, dunes, san diego, prescott, aaannywhere ees good.


mmm, i can't stand it when payday isn't a treat, its a necessity. i really need to learn to manage my money MUCH better. i couldn't even drive to school today because i ran out of money some time last week... did i spend it on something important? i reaaaally don't think so. ha, great.
well, this week i will try to do better, be more responsible!

other goals this week:
eatin' healthy

aaand start knitting again!
tis the seazz.


  1. i shtill have that scarf you knitted me a million yearz ago!

  2. As do I! The one that you know whooo luhvd.