Thursday, October 29, 2009

best immitation of myself

ah, i am just not myself lately.
i don't know what it is, why it came about or what has happened but my thoughts are not my owwwn.

its not negative and its not, i hope, visible to the naked eye but i hate knowing that it has occurred.
i've been thinking alot about it in my foreign thoughts and i've come to the conclusion that i just really, really need to get away for a while. i'm super stressed, i've been working a ton and going to school alot along with some other things clouding up my vision lately...
i'm just glad to know its nothing permanent.


somehow i've gotten myself all riled up and now i cannot shleeep.

mmm yesterday, makenna and i made some of those fancy culinary masterpieces you might call pillsbury ready to bake pumpkin cookies for the kids at cody's house.
we dragged emily along with us, and its been too long!

they were pretty beautiful so they went right along with the bag i decorated for them.

its a really good thing i started writing in my blog again, i know that there are soo many people out there just dying to read about things such as this!
sleep toight ya'll.

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