Friday, October 23, 2009

"and all of this time you thought i was sad...

i was trying to remember your name."

mmm, mm, mmmm.
i had to get my blood drawn today.
not that bad, right?
i'm so tired, i've never felt so draaaained... i should eat something.
wah, wah, wahwahwahhhh.

so anyways, today, being supaah weak and all, i left school for some nourishment,
but somehow ended up at coffee rush blogging.. ha funny how that happens. with so much time on my hands, i wrote out a very heartfelt "20 people" blog. ya knowww, the kind where you don't mention a name or anything too specific about a person but are able to tell someone anything, good or bad, without restrictions? yeaaah, it turned out very interesting.
started out nice, got a little more in depth until finally i was just plain angry. that is when i decided that i'd rather noooot uproot such negative feelings towards people. i'm just letting you know its out there if you ever wanted to know haha maaaybe upon request i could divulge my feelings towards you.
but i wouldn't count on it.

"The best things in life are worth waiting for,
fighting for, believing in,
and just never letting go."
i just have got to say, that things are going rather splendid lately!

actually, i am dyyyying. i cannot get enough of bedroom decor right now.
i'm so stoked to move out and have the means to decorate my own house, you have no idea.
do not even get me started.

i love the idea of a white based bedroom with trims of red and bright yellow (even though this is gold).
love love love love love

ps. i miss the old post secret.

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