Thursday, October 8, 2009

definitely not a nashville party.

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things that i adore as of 11:11 pm on thursday, the 8th of october:
-drives on the streets surrounding mill avenue in the fall
-my best friend, makenna and spending the dayyz of laaaze with her.
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-klay, for being understanding
-not knowing i have a medical terminology midterm and being pretty sure that i aced it due to my highly unintelligent ways of remembering wordparts, prefixes and their suffixes.
(ie. capn/o= carbon dioxide capn is captain, captain dioxide= carbon dioxide)
-free drinks at QT just becaaaause.
-shoctober, shoctober, shoctober.
-letters from missionaries
-letters from missionaries about beer pong
-my car breaking down in makenna's driveway
-my daddy for immediately coming to my rescue
-prima pizza
-(beginning to get used to) my new haiiir
-love texts
-planning for halloween
-lyrics after lyrics after lyricsssss
-not having schoool tomorrow
-knee high boots and leg warmers
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-good movies
-popcorn all the time
-wanting corn nuts from a vending machine, spending a dollar and accidently getting starbursts, still wanting corn nuts, another dollar and they get stuck, STILL wanting corn nuts, now have both packages, but left three dollars poorer (more poor?)
and eating them all.
-photos of progression
-diet soda
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da simpoh things in life.

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