Sunday, October 11, 2009


its about to get real.

mmmhm, watching the new seaz with kenny.
i feel a little old for this, but i can't deny that its a guilty pleasure of mine.

hmmm. last night was a little out of my... line of vision.
a month ago, it would've seemed like a normal night but i didn't realize i'd drifted so far from things that used to matter to me.
its surprising that i don't care at all about certain situations that were important to me and a part of who i was just a little bit ago.
i couldn't make myself care about them if i tried.
i'm grateful that my eyes have been opened to where i can see what truly matters to me.
growwwwing up.
i'm much better off where i am now, that is all.

self control.
"i am, indeeed, a king, because i know how to rule myself."

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