Saturday, January 15, 2011

project MLK weekend

so school starts next wednesday for me, i am actually very very excited!
but silly me thought it started monday, turns out its a holiday yada yada yada.
SO, here's the thing:
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this wall is mine. right above my messy, never-made bed.
i've always wanted to do the various, mismatched frame look seen here:

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i think its safe to say i'll need
-various frames
-printed paters
-a monogram K, because i love my first initial
-old pictures
-klay, to hang everything up

i need to know where i should look for frames? they have to be very inexpensive.

ps: i would give anything for this right now:
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1 comment:

  1. Oh hay... :)
    So first I'd like to say I really enjoy this blog! Also, I think I have seen something on HGTV about the frames and how to do them cheaply, like get random ones at a cheap store (dollar stores,ikea has cheap frames you can paint,michaels maybe) and paint them yourself kinda thing...I don't know exactly but I would check there. Oh and, I know we don't talk a lot and haven't hung out since forever, but I still totally follow your life and I love that facebook still keeps us connected. You are really creative and I love your style :) Just thought you should know!