Wednesday, September 21, 2011


"keep in mind that God is your greatest companion
 because no matter how imperfect you are and no matter what happens in your life,
God will still be there to give you the greatest love you’ve always wanted."

i am so overwhelmed! i never thought that i could feel such comfort so soon after making a decision like this. in hindsight, i might have been pessimistic/over-dramatic but i was prepared for weeks, even months of emptiness and unanswered questions. instead, here i am so grateful for the absolute downpour of blessings i've been receiving these passed few days. i'm literally speechless, mouth-open in shock over the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. i've been working so hard to stay afloat, and as i said i can't thank my friends enough for the support you have shown me. i see my hard work paying off and my willingness to listen to the promptings of the Lord is bringing me to a much better place than i was in. 

true happiness

once again, thank you thank you thank you for the calls, texts and kind words my friends. you all mean the world to me! i could not do this without you and i refuse to lose sight of that fact <3

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