Sunday, September 25, 2011

first time for everything!

so tonight i went to my first football game... im 20 years old and this was my first football game! haha i was excited going into it but i knew i probably wouldn't understand what was going on and i wasn't sure how i felt about the whole blind spirit thing. i didn't want to over-do it, this being my first time and all, but i didn't want to stand out as the new girl. i know, only i would worry about this right? so i chose my outfit and attitude accordingly, met up with some real cool kids and headed down to the stadium. honestly, i've watched football games many, many times on the television and i know its not cool to admit this but i had so little interest in the happenings on the screen. the first quarter of the game, it was pretty obvious that i was staring blankly into the field and cheering when everyone around me did, so they explained the plays to me over and over again. it took another quarter or so but by the third..... i knew what was going on a little bit! it was the weirdest thing! pretty exciting to me. i cheered, high fived and saw steve nash, it was awesome. i even knew when to say "one two three first down!" THEN we pulled ahead, and we were winning, which was awesome, i guess we haven't won them in 11 years? correct me if i'm wrong. or don't, its okay. and then WE WON! which was awesome, and i don't know why. i mean, i could still definitely use that football for girlfriends lecture, i have a lot to learn but.. this is a big deal for me!

oh plus there was this magic dust storm that was just surreal! i couldn't get a good picture but it was crazy. it enveloped the entire stadium with swirling dirt and trash... okay doesn't sound quite as great as it was.. just imagine this, i guess

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