Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i just wanted to take a quick second and thank everyone who's taken time out of their day to check up on me recently. your kind words of advice and understanding has made my journey so much easier. it sounds silly, but i honestly could not get through this without the support of my close friends, family, members of the church and co-workers. i've been working so hard to improve my life and all i've heard from those that mean the most to me, is positive reinforcement. through all the hard decisions i've made, and everything i have had to watch fall apart in front of me, i'm in need of nothing but an open heart and an open mind. i've had to humble myself and pray only for the ability to see the opportunities presented to me, and take them even though i'm not 100% comfortable with moving forward yet. i know its what i need to do. i'm so thankful for the knowledge of the eternal perspective and the comfort in knowing that if me doing everything i'm supposed to has lead me here, then this is where i'm meant to be. i'm absolutely shocked as to how quickly i was able to see the blessings come forth. my heart is filled with gratitude for the patience, guidance and forgiveness of others. i'm so grateful for your ability to be so in-tune to the promptings of the spirit and touch the lives around you.
THANK YOU! you are wonderful xo

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