Friday, March 4, 2011

the world's most perfect wedding dress
are you kidding me?
this dress was made for me.
i'm going to form a small army, round up the troops and send them off to scour the earth until they have found this dress. find this dress and bring it to me for it is absolute perfection and i must have it.

no seriously though. i want it.

when i'm engaged, i'm in trouble. i have no idea where to even start looking for trendy/affordable wedding dresses. humph :(


  1. so gorgeous and timeless. I love it.
    When you're engaged, talk to my mom. or sister-in-law. They're both amazing seamstresses and wouldn't charge you an arm and a leg :)

  2. obviously in love with that dress. so much. aka need it. I love that lace.