Saturday, March 19, 2011

me myself and i

finally a minute to focus on myself!
spring break turned out to be more than what i needed, i feel so relaxed after a few very stressful weeks. got to hang out with some new friendys and get my mind off the less-than-positives. i love themmm.
i now have time to pick up where i left off, figuring out everything i need to be doing to better myself. i have a lot of self improvements to be making! but its almost summer and i'm so excited. summer is a good time.
i will be Acing all my classes this semester, going out with a bAng haha paying off my credit card, i should be done within the month! easy peasyy. after my card is paid off, i'll be able to grab a gym membership (LA|FITNESS), but until then, you can find me at my apartment gym, gettin' my beach bod on. working hardd @ Firebirds, possibly moving up to a server. definitely before summer time! going to single's ward with the previously mentioned new friends for some weekly enlightenment.

boring post, but just had to document the recent changes!
i'm happy.

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