Sunday, November 14, 2010

winter thrills

i want want want my beautiful bike!
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i love this weather.
i love hot chocolate.
i love hot tubbbb.
i love scarves and jackets and skinny jeans and boots.
i love snow.
i love family trips.
i love the holidays.
i love pretty little liars (JANUARY)
i love slow sad songs.
i love self discovery.
i love curling up with a good book.
i love me time.
i love my girl friends! we've had such a good time lately.
i love harry potter (THURSDAY)
i love pictures.
i love to take pictures to document memories.
i love to sit down at my desk with my roommates and their friends,
doing my online class and watching harry potter and the order of the phoenix.
i love kisses on my nose to keep it warm.
(but not really. not even close.)

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