Thursday, November 25, 2010


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Thanksgiving has to be one of the most traditional holiday's celebrated, and i will honor that by not spending my day thinking of a clever blog/status to post. i'm just going to do what is expected, post a blog about what i'm thankful for, and hope that it reaches the ones i care about most.
I'm sitting here indian style in Bountiful, Utah, listening to christmas music with my hot chocolate between my legs, my blackberry on my knee and my laptop resting on the bed that my grandma Voorhees provided for me. my sister is on the bed next to me, Klay is in the next room, and grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, brendan are all through out this gorgeous (but humble) household.
i'm so thankful for everything, great and small, that i have been blessed with. I am so lucky to belong to such a wonderful church and have the testimony that i do. I'm thankful for all the knowledge that i have acumulated throughout my life, whether from school, church, friends, family or my every day experiences.
i'm thankful for the people in my life, and the joy that their presence brings to me. I am given so much and i only hope to do the same for others.
i'm thankful for the holiday season and the chance it gives me to grow close to those that mean the most to me, including my Heavenly Father.
i'm thankful for the job i have and the people i work with.
i'm thankful for my roommates, my apartment and the fact that my parents still live close enough to eat their food and crash on the couch when i am too tired to go home.
i'm also thankful for my boyfriend's family who let me do the same, and act as a second family to me. they mean so much to me and have helped me to learn and grow SO much these past 2 years or so.
lastly, i just want to take a second and admit to myself that Klay is probably the only one sincerely interested in reading this, so here's to you, lover:
(disclaimer, this is also a belated birthday post for my lil guy, so either stop right here or bear with me through the mushiness!)
I am so thankful for you, today, Klay! the fact that you're up here in Utah with me means so much more than you knoww. i'm so excited for you to meet my extended family members, i know they'll absolutely adore you, who wouldn't?
juust for fun, here's a few things i haven't told you i'm thankful for yet:
-i'm thankful for the 100s of texts you send me to get me through each week. you're always so positive, there are times when i'm SURE that i couldn't get through my daily trials without you.
-i'm thankful for your intelligence. sometimes i (jokingly!) act not-so-thankful when you prove me wrong or disagree with me, but i love to learn from you! i love being able to have in-depth conversations without having to wonder "does he even know what that word means? haha" i love being able to ask you questions like "why do people get chills?" and know you'll have an answer!
-i'm thankful for your drive in life, it keeps me motivated. i'm also thankful for your patience and your knack for being realistic when it comes to important choices in life & our relationship. its so easy to get carried away with someone you love, i'm lucky to have someone who is willing to be realistic with me in order to accomplish things!
-i'm thankful that you're the only person i know who can eat more than me! makes me look less like a heffer ;)
-i'm thankful that you don't ask questions when i ask you to take a picture of me, or what i'm doing, or food or an outfit or whatever i deem photograph worthy. you're so cooperative :)
-i'm thankful that you laugh at my jokes, and that i don't have to explain them to you. you just get them!
-i'm thankful that you're downstairs talking to my grandma, you're perfect :)
-i'm thankful for all the memories we have together. you've made these past 18 months so pleasent to look back on! disneyland, out to dinner, nights spent indoors, parties, birthday's, holidays, special kisses, dumb little fights that ended in laughter etc.
-i'm thankful that we can work through our worldly pride-issues together, because we wouldn't be where we are now if we couldn't! we are so fortunate.
-i'm thankful for your honesty, and that is a million times more than i can say for most anybody else.
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i love you, Klay Berlyn Miller!
happy birthday! happy thanksgiving!
and happy holidays,
i can't wait to spend them with you.

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