Saturday, November 13, 2010

cost and worth are very different things.

i don't have a specific reason for this entry so i guess i should warn you that if you don't like rambles, stay clear of this post!

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i'm watching confessions of a shopaholic, (laughing at the part where they get drunk in order to look over her bills hahahaha, i do the same thing, minus the alcohol, plus maybe a starbucks drink and a desk to feel secure enough to check my email/bank account/ grades, bracing myself for possible bad news hahaha)
in my pajamas, spending today catching up on things such as shaving my legs... taking off my toe nail polish, hydration (i tend to let myself become dehydrated), i need to go grocery shopping, i need to deposite some moneys, and i'm doing homework... YES HOMEWORK!
i was so upset about school for too long. i finally made up my mind about how to spend my next 2 or 3 years.

i will be finishing out this semester with my communications class, my computers class and my main court reporting class. on monday, i need to meet with a financial aid and cgcc advisor to make sure that i have everything in order for my next semester. spring '11 i will be going to CGCC to complete my prerequisite credits and classes, buying a machine and working more than usual in order to make enough money to move out to phoenix over summer '11. after i move out there, hopefully NEXT to my school, i will take off work and commit all my time to my court reporting. i'll be able to focus and flyy through my schooling.
and then graduate.
and then be a court reporter
and make money
and put my husband through school
and then have kids & stay home with them
and then i'll retire, and manage my sandwhich shop in laguna beach
and live happily ever after!

i mean, this isn't a new thing, its been my general plan from the start, but the moving to phoenix and learning that i need to focus everything in to my school work in order to be successful were imperative self-discoveries.

my hair, i need it done. my roots are showing, how embarrassing. i'm thinking i'll go a little lighter, but still deep brown. i didn't know my hair would be so black, but i still love my peekaboo highlights, and i plan on adding a few subtle ones underneith as well. my hair is so healthy, honestly i'm obsessed with it. i haven't had healthy hair in so long, its growing and not breaking... i'm not afraid to wash/brush/ touch it!

i really need to hang up the clothes in my room. maybe i'll end this blog post here, drag them out in front of confessions of a shopaholic and put them on hangers.
i'll do my dishes
then i'll go grocery shopping (i hate grocery shopping alone, i need klay to come because then its one of my favorite activities)
and deposite the $100 my amazing father got for my 6th grade mongoose entry level bike (HOW!!?) and then tonight i work.

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