Monday, November 29, 2010

thrills & chills

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i might have said it one or two million times before but i am in love with this time of year.
seriously, in love
cheerful faces
holiday music
layers and layers of clothes
hot beverages
warm blankets
cuddly boyfriend
meaningful downtime
christmas movies
christmas cheer
christmas presents (both give & recieve)
hope for the future

i'd like to elaborate on the last one.
there's something about christmastime that motivates me beyond belief. i want to give lavish (but meaningful) gifts, do all the things i've been saving up on my "to-do" list before the new year, own a home, decorate it to my best abilities, make memories, keep old traditions and make new ones, spend time with my loved ones, build a stronger testimony of the Church and constantly keep a smile on my face.
even though school & work are extremely important and mean alot to me, these are the things that matter most in life and always will. i feel like the holidays leave such an open door to the things you can create. they give you the ability to take old traditions and make them your own. the most simple things become the most important. i strive to see the value of small things through out the year, its how i maintain my sanity haha
like right now i'm sitting in my chilly apartment with my wonderful roomates, my huge diet doctor pepper next to me, my laptop in front of me, christmas music playing and my December all planned out. finances, gifts, extra shifts, all that jazz, i got it covered!

i do want a few things thoughhh

many oversized sweaters
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a night dedicated to making gingerbread houses and drinking hot chocolate and seeing the temple lights and ALL my favorite christmas things!!!
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all the classic christmas movies
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an x-box or maybe a wii
(klay and i decided we can get this when we finish all the stuff on our to-do lists for december!)

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and a few more holiday delights. more to be posted later i'm suuuure!

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