Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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but true.

i'm so happy right now, words can't even begin to explain :) i had an absolute blast with everyone at disneyland
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obviously there are about 50 more photoes, they're in my college album on facebook. i only wish i had the time and patience to upload and resize them all <3

eating healthy for two weeks. sometimes its boringggg, but i'm rather creative so i'll spice it up here and there! makenna and i went to paradise bakery the other day and got into a conversation about how whenever we're forced to eat healthy food (ie. lettuce... which i hate) we try and figure out just how "good" it really tastes. as in, how brainwashed we are against the flavor of healthy food from when we were kids and knew that cheeseburgers tasted good, but are bad for you which would in turn make salads taste bad because they are good for you.
i was trying to figure it out, and i think i made a little progress.
i love asperagus, fruit, onions, cherry tomatoes, and cheese and nuts so thats a start!

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