Monday, January 11, 2010

the rush

at le coffee shoppe listening to middle aged men complain about their facebooks...
"what are we ten? i have to accept to be your friend? check yes or no? no! we were never even friends in real life."
"no i don't want to join your nip/tuck group... STOP ASKING."
now we've moved on to
"i feel like avatar was anti-american, anti- the government... i mean it was digitally stimulating but i can't stand for it. if you can't accept my opinion on it... don't ask me about it. i can't even understand their language, i feel brain dead."
what the hell are we analyzing here? haha shut up! settle down! your opinions on such matters shouldn't even exist, much less matter to ANYONE. especially the poor guy that has been quietly listening to your psycho babble for the passed hour and a half.
i am tempted to find him on facebook, add him and page request him to every avatar and/or nip/tuck page there is.

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