Monday, January 18, 2010


i know i just posted this on facebook, so i hate to recap the haps but i'm going to anyways:
though made up entirely of the most overplayed songs of '09, this mashup is honestly a perfect compilation of my feelings for this last year. it was a hard year, and i was going to go into it in a previous post but i've decided against it. its not a year that needs to be simplified into a paragraph to be remembered. i will never forget it. the good, the bad, the ugly, it will always have a special place in my heart.

2010 has already proved to be completely different. its hard, but i'm thankful for the changes that i have chosen to make. i know i am doing the right thing and that i will be blessed in the end and all along the way.
its going to be a difficult process, there is no doubt about it.
i'm a very strong girl, though. i will not doubt myself and my abilities to withstand temptations, trials and tribulations.

very relaxxxing weekend, i loved it.
no work, so the days were made up of visiting with friends, long drives through gilbert, good music blasting, shopping and overloads of diet soda. theses led into nights consisting of far too much (GOOD) food

computer time, playing family fued and watching the discovery channel with klay and chloe
(you know i lub you chlo, but i still haven't quite forgiven you for trying to attack me last night!)

and making a fire...
over and over and over again haha &heart;

i am the luckiest girl, and i have been blessed to surround myself in the best company.


back to the daily grind tomorrow, happy MiLK day ya'll

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  1. First of all! You are lovely, easy to love. Secondly.... Your toughs times will make you stronger and the path you walk will become your very own. You will recognize it by it's thorns and those same thorns produce the roses.
    Know this.