Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hello, busy bee

now a proud employee of (drumroll please)

i'm ecstatic! i have so much respect and love for TCS and its employees already, i cannot wait to start! i'm so blessed to invest my time in things that i have a true passion for. i can't imagine working somewhere that i wasn't completely head over heels in love with everything that they provide for their guests. never again. the atmosphere, the food/beverages, the service, the guests, i could gush about both Firebirds and The Coffee Shop for ever.
if you've never been to either, GO.
even if you don't like coffee, it would be foolish to not stop by for their award winning cupcakes!

more to come, i'm sure!

whew, so many upcoming changes!
new job/ two jobs. school is ending! i'm getting a new roommate and hopefully many, many more life-changing events will be up and coming in the near future... as long as i have my family, my boyfriend and my true best friends by my side, constant change is my best friend.

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