Monday, April 18, 2011


oh. my. goodness.
its incredible. its versatile. its delectable.
honestly, i haven't felt this way about a vegetable since i learned french fries were made out of potatoes, i can't believe how good this is!

true to its name, its generally used as a pasta substitute in spaghetti but i've come to learn that red sauce, while healthier than a cream sauce, is just not my favorite. plus there's a lot of hidden sodium in most spaghetti and pizza sauces so watch out for that. when i first bought my SpSq, i brought it home from the store, set it on the table, looked at it and was like "yup, proobably never going to eat that. too much work."
and i stayed true to my word for atleast a month.
then, i got desperate on groceries. i was using plain yogurt for milk in cereal and i just didn't have the timeenergymoney to go to Fry's so i googled "how to cook spaghetti squash?" and viola! many many options. baking it seemed best. i had a bunch of other things to do, plus my oven was already heated for my roommate so i cut it in half (NOT easy without proper cutlery, but thats not changing anytime soon.)and plopped it in the oven, face up right on the rack.
i left it in there for a good 40 minutes, went and poked at it, decided to get it out and thats where i fell in love. the pulp literally shreds away with a fork in strands that are just like spaghetti! still a little apprehensive i grabbed the closest condiments, garlic salt and spray butter and BAM love. in my mouth. it was delicious. i couldn't get enough! i ate almost the whole squash, but saved about a cup for later.

all my healthy efforts went to crap as soon as i met klay @ iHop for their cinnabon pancakes

but oh well. you win some you lose some.... except i don't see how i lost because my day was filled with absolute deliciousness.

ahhh <3 today i reheated that spaghetti squash thinking "there's no way that this held well" but did iiiit ever ha.
i sauteed it with some fresh mushrooms and had another incredible meal.

go buy spaghetti squash.

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