Sunday, May 3, 2009

uno oh cinco


these past few weeks have been so socially wonderful.
i've met some amazing people, i don't know what i would do without them.
i got my prom dress, i'll definitely be posting those pictures, but probably on facebook and such. its too much a pain in my butt to post them on here.
i'm going with andrew babbitt, i'm so excited! we're going to have the best time :)
i've been sick for seriously 3 weeks now, like REALLY sick.
i almost got over it when one night my fever came back worse than ever, i couldn't even walk.
i thought my blood sugar was low or something but i ate and nothing changed.
i hate being sick, but its not the worst thing that could happen to me haha.

emily left for have-a-soup-eye the other day but they wouldn't let her family in because of swine flu and the natives so they just chilled for a few days but now she's back home! i'm really excited, i loooove emily.
i've been shopping alot lately, in a gooooood way.
new pants :) ones that actually fit! gotta love blossom.
i got extensions as well, i love how those look.
and thats all the update my sickness will allllow :(

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