Sunday, July 12, 2009


ah, its been soooo long since i updated this! 
buuuuut it happens haha.
obviously, i'm going to be brief,  but from where i left off pretty much everything has changed.

-went to prom, it was great. 
-graduated, it was a success.
-moved out, it didn't last.
-dealt with drama, it never ends.
-got closure and watched some of my closest friends leave, it was short and sweet.
-learned many "life lessons", it was worth it.
i've met so many wonderful people since summer started, its insane.
i wish words could do it justice, but i'll try to write more often so that a huge update isn't necessary.

i'm still working at the cleaners, i still adore my job. 
i'm going to Gateway community college in the fall and i'm excited to get a move on my career.
this summer has been craaazy, but i love it.

uhmm, so harry potter comes out in a few days?! i'm stoked.
actually, i think i'm going to go and get my tickets in a few minutes.

what else, what else?

i've been listening to the best music lately. 
i get so much more out of music than i manage to get anywhere else.

i'm sure i'll remember everything else i was going to say within the next hour.
i still need to blog about emily's and my trip to payson/winslow!

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