Thursday, April 8, 2010

aggressive driving.

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every day while i drive to school, i think about how annoying rush hour is. i know its terrible, but i feel like i get to school so much more efficiently by being an aggressive driver. i absolutely cannot stand the practically stationary vehicles around me. you can find me headed west bound on the 60, about 7:36 am, muttering under my breath, "for real?" "honestly?" "are you serious?" every 5 seconds.
i'm over it.
today, i decided i'm going to write a book (or at least an essay) on how to drive. yeah, i'll call it... i don't know. "how to get somewhere in life being an asshole"? 'somewhere' specifically being your destination during early morning stand-stills. or maybe simply "backseat driver"?
i don't know. it doesn't actually matter because then i just realized the whole context of this book would be,
"if you're not going to turn right at this light i plan on turning at, go away." or "only i am allowed to text and drive" or even "if you haven't figured out by now that metro buses stop all the dang time and take up the whole right-hand lane, then i'm not letting you in. you deserve to be stuck behind one. end of story. maybe you'll learn your lesson."
i don't really have much advice other than "please get out of my way and let me get to school on time because i may or may not have chosen to sleep in and now i'm running late."
where did i even get this aggression? my mother and father couldn't be happier with just goin' with the flowin' of traffic, even if switching lanes could cut off 15 minutes of their drive time. i wasn't even allowed to drive with people until i was 15 and i'm always the extraordinarily cautious passenger, scared out of my mind that everyone and their dog is going to merge into us for no apparent reason.
what it all comes down to would probably have to be my severe lack of patience... at least when it comes to interferences with my schedule.
am i patient in any situation? probably not, unless it is a convenience to me.

JUST KIDDINGGGG. i am not a terrible person, but come on people!
its my way onnnnn the highway... atleast in my mind.

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