Monday, March 9, 2009

million dollars worth.

i keep getting on here with intent to update but it doesn't happen.
i'm not happy, i'm not sad, nor excited, anxious or angry.
the one thing worse than any hurtful emotion
is not feeling anything at all.
i'm not suicidal, i'm just nothing.
i feel like deleting everything...
i say deleting because the internet is almost the only place i feel i exist.
what the heck, keish hahahah.
you sound insane, but its okay.
who even reads this anyways?
plus i'm sure YOU've felt this way before.
it just happens.
i think what i need is change.
my routine is stale, i can't stand this.
i've been holding back for too long and i don't feel its helping me to stay here.
i miss everything.
i'm going to las vegas for spring break i guess :)
never been, its definitely somewhere i've wanted to go.
i can bring a friiiiiend, come!

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